Get Smart Plus – British Edition

Get Smart Plus is an exciting six-level primary course in British English. It is carefully designed to guide students through each level, from Beginner to Pre- Intermediate, while also meeting the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference. The modular approach applied in designing the course gives learners the opportunity to explore the English language through innovative lessons that tackle familiar and interesting topics in depth.


  • Ethical values in stories that promote critical thinking and social responsibility
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integraded Learning) lessons that increase students’ opportunities to practise the English language in other fields, such as geography, maths, etc.
  • Videos
  • A digital vocabulary list
  • A multi-dimensional syllabus organised into 10 well-balanced modules
  • A wide variety of songs, chants, games, phonics activities, factual texts, dramatisation and animated stories
  • Communication, cross-curricular activities and projects that build 21st century competencies
  • Gradual development of all four skills
  • Systematic recycling
  • Board Games
  • Phonics
  • Self-evaluation pages
  • Picture dictionary